Awards - Industry and Community Recognition

An example of Steel Art’s recognition within its community can be seen in the image above which shows Steel Art Signs’ Chairman, Tom Hrivnak, receiving a recognition from the Mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti, for being a 2014 finalist for High Quality & Service Award from the Markham Board of Trade.

An example of Steel Art’s recognition as a supplier can be seen in the image above where Steel Art Signs’ Account Executive for Tim Horton’s, Peter Devolin (centre), is receiving the Tim Horton’s Award of Excellence from George Maznev, Senior Buyer of Equipment Purchasing (left) and John Hemeon, V.P. Purchasing (right).


Steel Art Signs Corp. was founded in 1949 as a metalworking company that focused Historical Canadian Tire Signon manufacturing stainless steel kitchen equipment, sheet metal ductwork, and ornamental iron. Throughout the 1950's, the company began to move towards the production of illuminated signs for retailers around the Greater Toronto Area. By the 1960's, sign production was the sole focus of the company, and Steel Art became one of the leading Canadian sign manufacturers competing with EL Ruddy Company and Neon Products Ltd, both having been already established for more than 40 years. During this time Steel Art pioneered the use of aluminium extrusions to be used as frames to contain acrylic faces.

Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, Steel Art gained a large client base of national clients that helped propel the company onto the national stage. When Steel Art took on the Ford Canada sign program in the late 1990's, Steel Art became the first sign company to use electronic ballasts for a national sign rollout. In the early 2000's, Steel Art once again transformed the sign industry by becoming one of the first sign manufacturers to use LED technology to illuminate their signs. During this time, Steel Art bought the second most LEDs for sign construction of any company in North America. Today, LED technology is the most popular and most efficient type of lighting used for signage.

In 1998, Neu Art Signs merged with Steel Art Signs, effectively making Steel Art the second largest sign company in Canada. Since then, Steel Art has been on a mission to supply top quality signage to customers at every corner of the country, and it has done just that. To this day, Steel Art remains one of the most prominent sign suppliers in Canada, and the company’s commitment to quality and service is sure to keep it in this position for years to come.

Environment & Sustainability

Environment & SustainabilityWith an ever-increasing focus on the environment, manufacturing and creating an environmentally sustainable product is paramount in today’s Sign Industry and this is a sentiment that Steel Art Signs takes extremely seriously.

We at Steel Art Signs continue to create policies, implement procedures, and employ manufacturing processes in order to greatly minimize and reduce adverse environmental impacts on a day-to-day basis.

As a leader in the Sign Industry, Steel Art Signs has a social responsibility to create extremely high quality signage products, while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

At Steel Art Signs, we understand that the impacts of any manufacturing process on our ecosystem are highly dynamic, and that is why our team is constantly monitoring and refining our environmental policies. It is our goal to ensure that Steel Art Signs continues to be an industry leader in promoting environmental sustainability in all aspects of our company’s operations.

Steel Art’s environmental protection program ensures that our manufacturing performance operates in a manner that minimizes impacts to the environment and public health. The manufacturing processes and services are properly managed from purchase through storage, use and disposal.

Steel Art’s environmental protection program

The responsibility of every employee at Steel Art Signs is to:

  • Follow established departmental procedures for the protection of the environment.
  • Report to their supervisor all accidents that may harm the environment.
  • Minimize environmental impact by participating in our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program.
  • Consider potential environmental hazards before starting new tasks or changing existing tasks.
  • Use environmentally friendly materials. If environmentally damaging or specially controlled materials must be used, minimize purchase and use.
  • Comply with federal, provincial and municipal legislation.
  • Participate in our energy conservation, recycling and pollution prevention programs as implemented.

Steel Art Signs has systematized the following environmental programs:

    Environmental Programs
  • To ensure that environmental laws, regulations and procedures are followed.
  • To secure a safe and healthy premises for our employees and our visitors.
  • Hazardous material and waste management through a leading service provider (Waste Management Inc.) offering collection, recycling and disposal services.
  • Implemented in the metal cleaning operation process a new chemical solvent that is globally friendly.
  • Investing in the paint department an Electronic Solvent Recycling System. This system reduces hazardous waste generation through a distillation process.
  • Open communications, encouraging and recognizing innovative ideas and solutions in our day-to-day operations.

A safe and healthy environment is created and maintained through the provision of proper facilities, equipment, training, services and by promoting safety consciousness.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety At Steel Art SignsAt Steel Art Signs, the safety of our employees and subcontractors is of foremost importance. Our guarantee to providing a safe workplace for the Steel Art Team starts at the management level and trickles down to every department throughout the company. A combination of thorough safety policies and active employee involvement in our Health and Safety Program ensures that risk of injury is kept to a minimum for all workers, regardless of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Steel Art Signs Safety ManualAll employees at Steel Art Signs are required to participate in regular safety classes to promote safe behaviour in the workplace. These routine classes help to reinforce the overarching safety policy that Steel Art is committed to, and ensure that every employee at the company is aware of what is expected of them from a Health and Safety standpoint. The Management at Steel Art also welcomes regular inspections by the Ministry of Labour to verify that all company practices continue to fall within the applicable legislation.

As mentioned above, the safety of our subcontractors is no less important to Steel Art than the safety of its employees. Please find below a link to our complete Job Site Safety Plan, which all subcontractors are required to adhere to when representing Steel Art on a job. Download the Job Site Safety Plan